Toshio Masuda
Commentator, Writer and International Economist 

The physical age of Mr. Toshio Masuda has been 59 years old for these years.
He was born to one of the descendants of the historically famous 47 Samurai of Japan. Graduated from Keio Univ. in Tokyo, began his career working for one of the largest marketing firms in Japan. 1975 Mr. Masuda moved to California, engaged in a chain of auto repair shops specialized in low cost, fuel efficient Japanese cars before their boom came in US. 1975 Mr. Masuda was introduced in L.A. Times as gMR. FUTONh who first manufactured traditional Japanese Sleeping pad by SHOGUN brand followed by FUTON boom in US. From 1989 to 2000, Mr. Masuda became Hawaii No.1 licensed real estate broker to go along with Japanfs hottest in the world bubble money. 1996 Mr. Masuda returned to Japan where he became a writer, lecturer, commentator on TV, radios, newspapers, magazines on economics, politics and businesses.
Mr. Masudafs everyday radio broadcasting is one of Japanfs longest running programs over 22 years. Mr. Masuda is the bestseller author of more than 30 books.
One of the books written August 30, 2001 predicted September 11, saying gYou donft have the court day in New York District Court on September 12 for 9 suspects of bombing US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania at the same time on August 8, 1998h.
The exact prediction of 9/11/2001 was based on his own investigations around.
Since 2005, he has been involved in certain think tank in Washington DC, a well-known lobbyist for US military industries and in the other for conservative republicans.

Mr. Masuda is called gPREDICTOR KINGh who predicted most of the big events in the stock market, Forex and Commodities.
Mr. Masuda is also gWEALTH CREATER KINGh.
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