Toshio Masuda

Descendent of Hayamizu Tozaemon, one of the historic 47 Samurai of Japan.
Explores the truth of the United States in order for Japan and America to be on the same footing.
1962 Graduated from Keio University (Business) and joined the Tokyu Agency
1974 Moved to America. Developed business in the United States.
1986~ Contributed to the American public apology for Hawaiians and worked on the movement to reclaim land for indigenous Hawaiians
1995 Returned to Japan
1997 Launched eStraight from the shoulderf
1999 Began radio broadcasting
2001 Established the Masuda U.S. Research Center, a think-tank in Washington D.C.
2002 Launched eStraight from the Shoulderf
(A newsletter directed at foreign think tanks)
2009 Started On Time Market News Letters Weekly & Monthly
2009 Started Monthly Booklets on Economics & Plitics
2012 Started Weekly Internet Seminars
Lectured in Japan and abroad and had numerous book-writing activities.
Presently active as a current affairs critic in Japan and abroad.

Lectures and Seminars
Enterprise Management Consultant and Industrial Attractions
* eStraight from the shoulderf, journal of politics, economics, culture, and information (since 1997)
*On Time, eThis is Number One!f a market information journal
*Weekly internet seminar
*Monthly Booklet
*Conference CD
*Radio broadcast (Radiolite Morioka)
eWinning with an Effective Twist~ For Japan Constructionf (since 1999)
*Private Consulting

B-TV Business Television (2014)
Cambridge House (2014)

Literary Works
gHow Long Will Japan Continue to be Devoured?h and gJapan Will Get Betterh (Both Tokuma Shoten)

gAmerica is Sinking/ Japan is Risingh (Fuunsha)

gThe Cyber Capitalism of Destruction and Creationh (Taiyo Kikaku Publishing)

gJapan: Losing while it Winsh (PHP Institute)

gWake Up, Japanh (Sanra Publishing)

gWhen Viewed from the Cells of America, Japanfs Future Can be Seenh (Sanra Publishing)

gThe Return of the Japanese Bubble Economy in 2002) (ASCII)

gYou, Too, Bush?h (Fuunsha)

gThe Revival of the Land Mythh (ASCII)

gWith the Special Demand for Hussein in 2003, Japan has a Huge Revivalh (Diamond Inc.)

gHow to Read Market Scalesh (ASCII Communications)

gMajor Boom of a Super-Strong Yen in 2004h (Diamond Inc.)

gThree Strong Principles for Becoming a Super-Rich Millionaireh (Kanki Publishing)

gThe Stock Myth Begins Now!h (Ascom)

gThe Huge Economy and High Stock of 2005) (Diamond Inc.)

gThatfs Why Japan Will Winh (PHP)

gThe Logic of Losers and the Law of Winnersh (President Inc.)

gThe Imminent Boom of the Japanese Economy!h (Ascom)

gThe Largest-Ever Stock Price Surge is Coming!h (Diamond Inc.)

gJapanfs Huge Revivalh (PHP Institute)

gAn Unprecedented Expansion of a Domestic Demand Bubble Beginsh (Diamond Publishing)

gAnd Then the Sun Rose!h (PHP Institute)

gJapan will Save America and the World!h (Tokuma Shoten)

gThe Time for Japan to be Number One is Comingh (Tokuma Shoten)

and many others.

Quote given by Einstein during a lecture

(He had stayed in Japan for forty days, starting on November 16, 1922)

gAs the world only continues and progresses, struggles are repeated time and time again: the time will come when, at last, we will be tired of the struggle. When that happens, the people of earth must search for actual peace and there is no doubt that a time will come when a world leader will be raised up. This world leader will not be a violent power or have the power of money; it will be the oldest that has transcended the histories of many countries and must have noble ancestry. The culture of the world began in Asia and will to return to Asia; this is the lofty height of Asia and it must return to Japan. We are grateful to God, for heaven created the country of Japan for mankind and placed it here.h

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