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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda April 13, 2009
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History repeats itself

It is clear that North Korea’s rocket launch was a missile test not an attempt to place a satellite in orbit since no satellite was placed in orbit. North Korea’s missile launch in July 2006 and nuclear test in October of the same year resulted in the country obtaining three years worth of oil and economic assistant (gaining access to finance from international financial institutions since it is no longer considered a rogue state). The political gain for America was that Japan agreed to pay almost the full cost of relocating U.S. marines (8,000 families) stationed in Okinawa to Guam which is not obligated by the supplement agreement of Japan-US Security Agreement. Therefore Japan had initially been reluctant to do. While the U.S. always says that the North Korean missile launches and nuclear tests are a threat to both itself and its alliance partner Japan, they are really to amplify the threat to Japan, and both North Korea and the U.S. are perfectly aware that the threat is not directed at the U.S. (recently, a high-ranking American official let this slip).

In fact, North Korea’s threat benefits both the U.S. and North Korea. Immediately following the August 30, 1998, launch of the Taepodong 1, which passed over the sea off Akita prefecture, the Japanese government stopped dragging its feet and decided to move forward with the joint development of a missile defense system, which will cost trillions of yen in the future. Starting this year, the Japanese government will have to include more than 500 billion yen a year in its budge (for this project), which the Japanese people who are at the moment struggling financially must agree to. Luckily, this missile launch will likely make it impossible for even the opposition to vote against the 500 billion yen budget. It goes without saying that the majority of the MD budget will be flow to the U.S. military complex. Following the initial experimental stage, the missile defense project is about to enter the stage in which defense facilities, which entail major costs, will be constructed. North Korea’s military threat had to occur now. The Japanese government appears to be happy for various reasons including that the U.N. Security Council clearly noted that the rocket launch by North Korea was a violation of a Security Council resolution, but politicians in the know are likely stamping their feet in rage.

The country that would least like to see Japan become a permanent member of the Security Council and increase its international say is the U.S., Japan’s alliance partner. As long as America keeps Japan in a position where North Korea can threaten Japan whenever necessary, America can continue to control Japan in the name of the security.

Japan, which has completely entrusted its safety (life) to another country (person) is not a true country (adult). Since its defeat in 1945, Japan has remained a defeated nation. The only way that Japan can become an independent country is to be able to protect itself. Peace is a time to prepare for war, disarmament makes it possible to inexpensively win a war, and the development of nuclear weapons is prohibited because the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, those with a nuclear license, monopolize nuclear weapons. While everyone wants peace, one must not forget that one is being made to want peace (mind control). Heiwa-boke (pacifist daze) is believing in the beautiful word peace like a prayer without looking for the truth. One can only believe in the truth. Human history has always been the history of war. How far will Japanese take the concept of “ignorance is bliss”? This is what matters.

(I am prepared for the full attached by peace activists.)

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