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The morning seminar in NY on May 22, 2008
With Dr. Henry Kissinger

At Herzliya Conference ( Israel ) Jan. 22, 08
Former Ambassador to UN Mr.John Bolton
Met again at Herzliya Conference since 7 years ago, former Seretary of
Defense Mr. William Cohen and Mrs. Janet Cohen

Principality of Monaco
Mr. Henri Fissore Ambassodor to Japan

Mr. Han Seung-SooŽ
’˜‘FBeyond The Shadow of ‚X/11

At the annual meeting of Eisenhower Fellowships
With Mr. Colin Powell

Former Trasportation Minister Mr. Norman Mineta
CEO Washington Post Mr. Boisfeuillet Jones, JR.

Mr.Richard Bush, Senior Fellow Brooking Institute
Mr. Joe Minarik, Director Research Committee for Economic Development
Professor Steinberg, Director Asian Study Program

Mr.Michael A. Needham, Director The Heritage Foundation Asian Studies Center

With Mariko

Mr.John Bradon, Director International Relations, The Asia Foundation

Mr. James W. Fatheree President and CEO US-Japan Business Council

With Mariko

Mr. Moises Naim, Editor in chief, "Foreign Policy" (Carnegie Endowment)

Mr. L. Gordon Flake, Executive Director The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation

With Mariko, Mr. Flate's birthday is same with Mariko's!

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, President Ms. Jessia T. Mathews, talk about China now and future.

Showing "Illicit" written by Mr. Moises Naim Editor-in-chief of the world famous and infliencial magagine "Foreign Policy"(FP).

With director Edwin O Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies Mr. Kent Calder, talke about how for Abe to win next year election.

Hudson Institute President Herbert I. London, Ph.D.

Talk about the result of Koizumi Administration

Mr. Eni F. H. Faleomavaega@(US House Delegate Foreign Relations subcommittee chair) & Mariko Ejiri, Toshio Masuda

Mr. Lee Teng Hui (Fomer president of Taiwan) & Mariko Ejiri, Toshio Masuda

They talked about the independence of Taiwan

Sen. Richard Lugar(R)
U.S. Sen. Foreign Relations Committee Chairman
Discussed about North Korea's 7 missiles launches and other international matters

Visiting "The News Hour" by Jim Lehrer
Visiting "The News Hour" by Jim Lehrer1
Masuda's show would be in near future?
Visiting "The News Hour" by Jim Lehrer2
No, he is not Jim.
At Mr.Bill Clinton's office in NY 1
At Mr. Bill Clinton's office in NY
At Mr.Bill Clinton's office in NY 2
At Mr. Bill Clinton's office in NY
Mayor of New York City
Mayor of New York City who has No Room but a tiny desk in the fifties of public workers standing and talking with Mr. Masuda.
Mayor of New York City
Mayor Bloomberg's lovely office whereyou see Mr. Masuda's logo on the bag behind his chair. .
Katharine Kennedy
Katharine Kennedy with Mariko Ejiri, Mr. Masuda's wife
at Urasenke Tea Ceremony at Japan Embassy where First Lady participated in..

Toshio Masuda & Mr. John Waihee,
former Hawaii state governor.

Toshio Masuda & Mr. Kent E. Calder,
head of Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies.

Toshio Masuda

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