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Sunrise 2007 Japan is to save the world with America
The Historical Rise of Japanese Stocks is
ahead! This is not bubble but Real!
Masuda's Prediction for 2007 Big Expantion of Domestic Demand is to carry Japanese Economy into Health Bubble
The logic of Failure and the reason of Success The Great Revival of Japan

Japanese stock market will soar in 2005 The Big Jump of Janese Economy!
Nikkei will be 30,000 Yen!
Three Principles for the Rich This is why Japan will win

The Eye Opening ways of looking into Stock Markets No.1

The Myth of Japanese Stock Market.
The powerful move is ahead!
2003 Japanese Economic Growth thanks to Sadam Fusein 2004, the highest Growth of Japanese Economy with the Highest Yen!
Bush, you do again? The Eye Opening ways of looking into Stock Markets No.2
By wearing US Glasses, you see Japan better The Myth of Japanese Land Price again
Japan Up and US Down, the Risk of US Economy 2002 Bubble Economy is coming!
The will of capitalism will resurrect Japan Cyber Capitalism