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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda June 10, 2009
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America’s Down but Far from Out

North Korea has been performing nuclear tests, launching missiles, and operating nuclear facilities. On top of all of this, the nation has now sentenced Laura Lin and Euna Lee, two female journalists from Current TV (based in San Francisco), to 12 years in a correctional facility.
Similarly, Iran is also expanding its nuclear facilities and continues to hold missile tests.
Obama has proven that the U.S. has already lost its political muscle to single-handedly prevent Iran and North Korea from committing acts of defiance, such as violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. While visiting Europe, President Obama delivered a speech entitled, “A World Without Nuclear Weapons”, which was meaningless and aroused ridicule. International treaties pertaining to global security and the elimination of nuclear weapons are no longer enforced, resulting in the continued proliferation of nuclear arms in the Middle East and North East Asia. The White House’s fundamental international security policy has changed to resolving issues through multilateral talks. It has moved from power-based persuasion and coercion to diplomacy, making use of farfetched excuses. Has the U.S. stepped down from its role as the world’s policeman? What happened to the U.S. that took pride in its responsibility for the world? I have made this statement time and time again in previous issues of this publication. International deliberations and similar activities offer nothing more than the meaning of the proverb, “Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians.” I think the existence of an autocratic nation, which leads the world in search of justice and freedom, is necessary in order to protect world order.

America Will Never Die

If the U.S. is unable to hit rock bottom, it will not be able to grow. This also can be said for the country’s economy. If the U.S. attempts to revive the economy before it hits bottom, there will be no end in sight for the recession.
There are reasons why an African American could become president, a feat considered impossible up to the end of the 20th century. The reasons are: Obama’s policies toward the nation’s economic collapse, his reliance upon others in government, and negativity concerning the U.S. (and himself). He is headed down a path leading to the loss of the American identity, which literally symbolizes America’s existence and power. However, President Obama’s real significance lies in his “fallen house” designed to be erected, and his “destroyed house” designed to be recreated.
Now, the U.S. is questioning its own status since there are powerful countries rising in the 21st century which have governments and economies which rival the country, starting with China. In order to protect world freedom and order, and to avoid having “too many chiefs and not enough Indians", America’s destiny lies in its “rebirth”. Let's compare America to a car engine. For this “rebirth” to occur, one must overwork a once smooth running but now trouble-prone engine before it stalls. This is definitely Obama’s job since he is sitting in the “driver’s seat”. Until passengers shout out demands for a new engine, the President’s job is to keep driving. This is why the American people were correct in electing Obama as president. In addition, he is right on track concerning the economic collapse and self-negation.
Consider the self-negation contained in his statement, “America is the world’s largest Islamic state." There is also his dream of “a world free of nuclear weapons". These quotes, which are derived from a “change of mind” rather than “changes in U.S. international policy”, are responsible for world chaos, disorder, and also forfeit American self-respect and pride.
In order to arouse the American spirit which has been forgotten, Obama is running the currently problem-plagued U.S. toward destruction. This is to make America explode with anger! The “road to the rebirth of America” will appear after Obama is once again humiliated by international governments and the Dow hits rock bottom one more time. This will anger America and allow it to muster up the same strength it had during the Invasion of Normandy.
President Obama…it’s time to get a little crazy!

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