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(This issue is submitted to a Washington D.C., Seattle, and Zurich think-tank as the English edition of “Straight from Shoulder”.)

"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda June 29, 2015
( Free of charge to the people I met)
The founder of democracy is being killed by its democracy.

The European Union and the Euro Zone were founded with pride as one of the most extraordinarily democratic experiments in history, based on the belief that "Europeans and European nations have shared political and economic values."
In 1999, when the EU (European Union) and the Euro Zone got their start, I asserted, "Germany and Greece using the same currency is a foolish experiment that is doomed to fail." "It's like betting 10,000 bucks on me playing with a handicap of 24 against Tiger Woods without one." and "The Euro Zone is nothing other than a strategic theft from weak nations perpetrated by the strong ones. The small, weak countries of Southern Europe were saddled with excess currency resulting in a bubble economy, the collapse of which has completely decimated assets developed over a hundred years, and now they are being discarded because they are no longer useful" I declared at the beginning of the EU and Euro Zone that the EU and the Euro were only a "means of theft."

I mentioned at the Christmas gathering in Hawaii in 1999 that "The end of the 20th century, which witnessed a halt in the economic growth of developed nations, was the end of the fight over greater growth." and continued to say thereafter that "The 21st century would be a fight over whatever is left."
The EU and Euro Zone are 21st century systems created for the theft of the leftovers.

The period of ascent due to economic growth up to the 20th century has ended, and the 21st century will be a period of descent without economic growth.
Because economic growth requires a voluntary labor force, it was necessary for leadership to pander to the enslaved 99%.
Without economic growth, the economy will be maintained by the elite 1% and the other 99% will be left to live or die of their own accord.
The advanced nations, beginning with America, continue to advocate for the righteousness of democracy, despite the halt in economic growth.
The proof of my statement can be seen today in Greece, the founder of democracy.
The rights of workers, and the protection of human rights such as the right to live a life of minimal subsistence befitting a human being, are secured only when a nation continues to experience economic growth.
The 21st century, without growth, will be a period of "everyone for themselves."
Nations must transition from large states with multiple responsibilities to small states without responsibilities.
Advanced democratic nations are already heading toward fiscal collapse.
Despite this, democratic education is still being taught in elementary schools.
People will not survive unless they take advantage of all of their god-given abilities and potential to steal that which belongs to other people.

Military hegemony is an attempt at creating an environment conducive to theft.
The retreat of the United States, whose economic growth has completely stopped, from the Middle East and Okinawa goes against the philosophy of theft and period of descent which the 21st century will represent.
In the end, they will fail just as Greece has.

The Abe administration's attempt at remilitarization, 20 years after that halt of economic growth in Japan, is decades late.
Beijing, which has created a military capable of launching a massive attack in only a couple of hours, is the first to be ready for the 21st century.
China, which is continuing to create opportunities for economic growth and building military bases on man-made islands in international waters, is a striking contrast to the lagging United States and Japan.
Don't forget that, unless we do an about-face, we will be slaves in the 21st century.

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