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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda May 7, 2018
( Free of charge to the people I met)
Liberal World Order, R.I.P.

Donald Trump would never have become president without the support of America’s king-makers, Henry Kissinger and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), as well as Sheldon Adelson, the wirepuller behind the Israeli right wing.
Since becoming president, Trump has been following the instructions of the king-makers by constantly reiterating that the United States can no longer act as the world’s policeman.
By "world's policeman", he means global hegemony.
Global hegemony between the 18th and 20th centuries was exerted by the British Empire (Pax Britannica) but transferred in the course of the 20th century to the United States (Pax Americana).
In March this year Richard Haass, president of the CFR, published a paper entitled “Liberal World Order, R.I.P.”, referring to the global hegemonic order established by the United States after the Second World War.
This represented a declaration by America’s king-makers of the nation’s intention to relinquish its global hegemonic role. As the appointee of these king-makers, Trump’s mission is thus to return to the White House the national leadership usurped by the “establishment”, denoting the powers-that-be in the form of the military-industrial complex.
I have stated before that “global conflict is a microcosm of America’s national sovereignty struggles”.
At the summit conference held between North and South Korea on 27 April, the leaders of both countries confirmed that their joint objective was the abolition of nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.
The official announcement following the talks stressed the need for action aimed at ending the state of war still existing between the two nations and achieving peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
This was to be done on the basis of discussions between South Korea and the United States on the one hand and North Korea and China on the other, these being the four combatant nations in the Korean War.
The goal of denuclearising the Korean peninsula was thus proposed, conditional upon achievement of peace between North and South, ending of the state of war, and national reunification.
For his part, Trump has stepped into line by accepting the idea of a comprehensive compromise and of “complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement” (CVID) as stressed by the establishment.
The system of comprehensive compromise advocated under CVID is known popularly as the “Libya method” and involves dismantling the structure of a nation that possesses nuclear weapons and missiles through their destruction by the United States. The precedent for this lies in the abolition (CVID) of Libya’s nuclear weapons and missiles through their transportation to and subsequent destruction in the United States after the killing of Colonel Gaddafi and the collapse of his regime.
The basic policy of the United States involves keeping Kim Jong Un and his regime in power and thus runs counter to the system of comprehensive compromise asserted by the establishment.
While feigning agreement, Trump is forcing the establishment to change strategy and is driving it to self-destruction in the realisation that it now finds itself cornered.
His ultimate political objective is to enfeeble the military-industrial establishment and to return its powers to the White House.
For Trump, the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is merely an expedient for enabling the United States to withdraw from Asia.
On their visit to China in February 1972, President Nixon and Henry Kissinger promised Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai that they would cede American hegemony over Asia in the future to China, as is borne out by Chinese records.
Kissinger sowed the seeds for future military confrontation between Japan and China by detaching the Senkaku Islands from Okinawa, whose reversion to Japan was imminent at the time, and blurring the question of whether sovereignty over the islands lay with Japan or China.
The abandonment of America’s role as the world’s policeman and hegemon demanded of Donald Trump by Henry Kissinger reflects this move toward the transfer of hegemony over Asia from the United States to China.
The talks between the United States and North Korea due to begin shortly constitute one step in this process of transfer.
Irrespective of whether the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula occurs in a stepwise manner as asserted by China or on the basis of comprehensive compromise as asserted by the United States, it will be impossible to expose and totally dismantle any concealed nuclear facilities, warhead arsenals and missiles for as long as Kim Jong Un’s regime is allowed to remain in place.
On 21 April, Kim Jong Un announced in connection with his nuclear testing policy that there was no longer any need for launch tests of medium- and long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles or for the North’s nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, due to the North’s success in completing means for the transportation of nuclear missiles (ICBM) and nuclear weaponisation through the production of nuclear warheads, thereby giving the nation the capacity to attack mainland America with ICBMs. He declared at the same time that for as long as North Korea was never threatened by nuclear weapons it would itself under no circumstances use them or transfer them or the technology required to produce them to any other country.
Kim Jong Un is attempting to gain the initiative in the forthcoming talks between North Korea and the United States by voluntarily terminating nuclear tests and the launches of ICBMs and dismantling his nuclear testing site, which has hitherto been used six times.
Nobody is able to stop him from taking the lead in dismantling the nuclear test site in the north of the country, and if the other sites are dismantled in succession at the pace set by Kim Jong Un, this will undoubtedly lead to the Chinese method of stepwise abolition of nuclear weapons and missiles.
Assuming that the forthcoming talks between North Korea, China, South Korea and the United States move toward formally ending the Korean War, conclusion of a peace treaty and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, it is clear that the denuclearisation and reunification of the peninsula will occur under the leadership of China.
The announcement of reopening of Six-Party Talks made immediately after
the talks between Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un at the end of March and published by New China News Agency was thus tantamount to recognition that China was taking the leading role in the process extending from denuclearisation to reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
Preparations for the transfer of hegemony over Asia from the United States to China as originally proposed by Henry Kissinger in his talks with Mao Zedong - a godlike figure for Xi Jinping - in February 1972 are proceeding apace.

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