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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda May 23, 2018
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Kim Jong Un's Second Effort to Cover Trump

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) continue to be at war.

Therefore, as Kim Jong Un has stated, North Korea cannot be the first to disarm (eliminate nuclear weapons) without changing the cease-fire agreement between the North and South to an agreement to terminate hostilities (followed by a peace agreement).

Also, since the CVID (complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization) approach to eliminating nuclear weapons emphasized by the military-industrial complex is based on the overthrow of the Libyan and Iraqi governments and the eradication of countries’ leaders (such as Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein) Kim Jong Un's refusal is understandable.

Accordingly, the military-industrial complex and Japan, who are demanding CVID, do not want the US-North Korea summit to succeed. (Trump mentions CVID but avoids calling it the "Trump way.")

Kim Jong Un's first attempt to cover Trump is the May 23-25 public demonstration prior to the US-North Korea summit of the dismantlement of some testing facilities related to elimination of nuclear weapons and missiles in the north of the country in front of media representatives from the US, China, South Korea and Russia but not Japan, which is dominated by military-industrial interests. By connecting this to the later elimination of other facilities this will render CVID ineffective and allow Trump to avoid pressure from military-industrial interests.

Of course, Trump expressed his gratitude to Kim Jong Un on Twitter.

Kim Jong Un has criticized US-South Korea joint military exercises, which he says are actions in preparation for the occupation of North Korea. However, Kim conceded and showed understanding of the US-South Korea military exercises that commenced on April 1 before the inter-Korea summit (April 27) and continued for approximately one month.

By releasing three US citizens held prisoner, demolishing a nuclear test site in the north and declaring at the United Nations (May 15) an interest in joining international disarmament efforts aimed at the abolition of nuclear weapons along with other actions, North Korea is actively demonstrating its seriousness about eliminating its nuclear capabilities.

Against this, military-industrial interests continued on with their efforts from April by pushing ahead with the May 11 start of the Max Thunder US-South Korean military exercises in the hope, as was the case with brandishing CVID, of interfering with the US-North Korea summit.

After confirming that US and global opinion expects success at the US-North Korea summit Kim Jong Un made it easy for Trump to put a stop to Max Thunder and other interference by the military-industrial interest in the US-North Korea talks by switching to criticism of US-South Korea joint military exercises and putting the US-North Korea talks in danger by cancelling a scheduled May 16 meeting of high officials from North and South Korea the day before.

This was Kim Jong Un providing Trump covering fire a second time in his battle with military-industrial interests.

In the interest of Trump's policy that "America no longer be the world's (Asia's) policeman" or Kim Jong Un's aim to "remove the nuclear threat from the Korean Peninsula" the two leaders are “birds of a feather” who together want to see the withdrawal of military-industrial interests (US military forces in Korea) from the Korean peninsula.

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