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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
August 05, 2019
( Free of charge to the people I met)
‘The Will of Capital’
Words by Toshio Masuda

The concept and theory of democracy was introduced at the time of the first Industrial Revolution, in England in the 18th century. Because of the Industrial Revolution’s mass production methods, serfs, which made up 80% of the population, were transformed from nameless individuals, and so needed democracy.

Today, Samurai Masuda introduces ‘The Will of Capital’, because concepts like the ‘invisible hand’ and those of Keynes which have been key approaches to the markets are out of date as the nature and structure of the modern economy is changing.

The world economy needs a new concept and theory like a lighthouse for a ship wondering where to go in the dark ocean.

We are now shifting from the visible to the invisible world. The leading value that nations and people have been seeking for 8,000 years is now found to be limited like natural resources.

We are now shifting into the new era of unlimited value. After an 8,000 year struggle, man has finally reached the summit where he is enjoying the highest living standards. There is no higher summit to climb above the summit that we’re already at in the economy.

Until today, life in the real economy is based on 1+1=2. In the coming era, life in the invisible or virtual economy is: 1+1= infinite!

We are turning from the limited real world into the unlimited virtual world. The future markets and economies are premised on the unlimited invisible desires of human beings.

The concept of modern monetary theory (MMT) was introduced by Stephanie Kelton, a professor of Stony University in New York. Professor Kelton said that any sovereign state may issue unlimited bonds if there is demand and that you shouldn’t worry about hyperinflation by piled up unpayable debts. MMT is opening a door to the new world but it still lacks the fundamental relationship of ‘a man and his government’, by which the justification of MMT must be explained.

My concept of ‘The Will of Capital’ includes not only the limited demand of the real world but also the unlimited virtual world. Even though virtual demand is unlimited with unlimited currencies and bonds, it will also reduce inflation.

‘The Will of Capital’ has only one condition on which it works. Any government applied to ‘The Will of Capital’ must be a sovereign nation whose central bank must be a part of the government authorities like the functions of the treasury ministry, unlike the United States whose central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), is independent from the government.

You are historically brain washed and have been misled to the wrong definition of ‘Government’ and ‘People’. The government is the publicly organised non-profitable entity whose purpose is to guarantee the security of the people and the highest possible level of living standards for taxpayers.

A bad government is the one which collects $1 trillion in tax revenues and uses only half of it for the people, and the other half for its balance sheet to demonstrate it has a positive balance sheet to maintain the value of their currency.

A good government is the one which collects $1 trillion in tax revenues and uses $2 trillion for the people, to hold $1 trillion negative in their balance sheet. The more money the government spends over their tax revenue, the better they serve the people.

Japan’s debt is 240% of its GDDP, whilst the US is 107% of GDP. Japan’s fiscal condition is considered to be the worst in the world and it is said that sooner or later Japanese bonds will be defaulted and that Japan is heading for hyperinflation. But actually, where Japan is standing is the opposite of this. The average saving of an over-60 Japanese person is $200,000, in comparison, one in three American adults has zero savings. Japan is a typical successful model of MMT.

It is time for politicians, bureaucrats, scholars, analysts and investors to change their minds and update their thinking.

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