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(This issue is submitted to a Washington D.C., Seattle, and Zurich think-tank as the English edition of “Straight from Shoulder”.)

"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
October 1, 2019
( Free of charge to the people I met)
Regarding Iran backed Houthi’s attacks on Saudi’s two oil facilities and the oil fields by which Saudi lost 50% of the oil production, 5% loss globally:
Attacks could not have been successful if the U.S. had done what it has been committed to do to ensure the security of Saudi following the U.S.-Saudi Security Agreement ( Petrodollar Agreement) ratified in 1974.
There have been No Fly Zone set over those oil facilities and oil fields monitored 24 hours on the land and the air by 24 military surveillance satellites operated by the U.S.
There have been no land and air attack against those areas before
September 14, 2019.
Whatever and whenever it is, if you see something impossible turns out to be occurred, there will be something behind.
Before investigating into the truth of the attacks that is very difficult to do, let’s find out what Mr. Trump and Prince Mohammed bin Salman are seeking for.
The U.S. used to be No.1 buyer of Saudis oil but now Chia buys $30
billion as No.1 buyer and the U.S. buys less than half of China and less than Japan buys. China has been requesting Saudi to accept Chinese Yuan to buy Saudi oil without being forced to pay by the U.S. dollar.
Saudi would like to accept Yuan but cannot do so because of the U.S.-Saudi Security Agreement (the U.S. ensures Saudi’s security and in return Saudi exclusively authorizes the U.S. dollar for all the oil trades to protect the U.S. dollar)
Trump is dumping the U.S. dollar because of his Scrap & Build Policy as I explained in my lecture.
What if Trump and Prince Salman hoped that Iran supported Houthi to attack Saudi oil facilities and oil fields and what if the U.S. did not do on purpose what it was committed to do?
The U.S. violation of the treaty will allow Prince Salman to accept Chinese Yuan as he wants and will cease Petrodollar that will dump the U.S. dollar as Trump wants.
Both Trump and Prince Salman accused Iran of Houthi’s attacks but the real meaning of which is for both to thank Iran for the attacks.
Always there is truth behind those superficial facades.

For Must Be Portfolio for your assets, there are three;
Gold, Japanese assets and business investments in China.

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