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(This issue is submitted to a Washington D.C., Seattle, and Zurich think-tank as the English edition of “Straight from Shoulder”.)

"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
October 23, 2019
( Free of charge to the people I met)

Since President Trump appeared on the world stage, in November 2016, many voices have been raised about the future of America and the rest of the world.
We are witnessing an increased international consciousness of Trump and his policies.

There are two phenomena we have seen emerging from the waters stirred up by Trump.

One is what Mr. Richard Haass, the chairman of CFR (Council of Foreign Affairs) called the “Liberal World Order R.I.P.” and another is a dancing fiat US dollar.

CFR is the body that created the theory of Liberal World Order in the aftermath of World War II.
That theory advanced and followed the military and economic realty.
Democracy and Freedom were nice and nutritious food for those economies that suffered as the result of the war.
Free trade, deregulation, globalization based on the Liberal World Order made the world economies in general grow up and raised the average living standard of the advanced nations to its peak.

Even though several geopolitical conflicts occurred in the world, the US as the global policeman kept them under control.
The world enjoyed economic growth protected by the US military might and the US dollar's hegemony.

But the US military hegemony over the world has ceased when North Korea successfully tested its nuclear warhead ICBM, capable of reaching the US mainland.
Upon the tests confirmed by CIA, Trump declared that America shall no longer be the world’s policeman.
In truth, there is no more US nuclear umbrella, as the US has lost its ability to launch an initial attack.
The ability to launch an initial strike depends on whether a nation is a democracy, an autocracy, or a dictatorship.
A nuclear nation capable of an initial strike must be an autocracy or a dictatorship that puts the interest of its regime above that of its people, and therefore is not deterred by the possibility of a retaliatory attack.
A democratic nation gives priority to its people and would therefore not launch an initial strike against any nuclear nation, for fear of retaliation resulting in heavy casualties and widespread destruction.

Since Nixon Shock of August 15, 1971 and the abandonment of dollar - gold parity, FRB has been printing fiat dollars, relentlessly.
Was it not for the manipulated monetary policies, the US dollar would have collapsed a long time ago.

The two main pillars of the Liberal World Order are the US military hegemony and the US dollar’s dominance in the world; both are now about to cease.

Each and every international conflict that has arisen in recent years, including the current ones, can be ascribed to the shrinking military and monetary hegemony of the US.

The end of the US military hegemony:

The negotiations between Trump and Kim Jong-Un for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula involve the removal of US military bases from South Korea.

The US military bases in Okinawa and other sites in Japan are to be closed by 2026.

Trump is bringing home all the US troops stationed in in Middle East.
He is heading for leaving NATO in the future.

Withdrawals of the US forces from Middle East, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi and others are processed,

Dumping the U dollar :

The true purpose of the Trade War waged by Trump is to lead the global economies into recession and consequently dumping the US dollar.

Houthis in Yemen's strikes against Saudis' oil facilities, on September 14, purposely ignored by the US despite its obligation to secure the security of Saudi Arabia, especially its lifeline oil facilities, made Saudi and other oil producing nations like UAE abandon the petro dollar that has been protecting the value of the US dollar ever since the Nixon Shock.

The continuing riots in Hong Kong, assisted by the Freedom House of George Soros and agents of the US State Ministry, have weakened Hong Kong dollar leading to the dumping of US dollar that has been pegged to it.

The primary aim of Donald Trump is to dump the US dollar.
Dumping of the US dollar constitutes an attack on FRB - a US creditor.
Trump wants to abolish FRB in which US owns not a single share, and which is authorized to print US dollars.

The civil war fought between Trump and the Deep State is like a War between the king and the slaves.
The king's family consists of FRB printing slaves' wedge money ; the military industry supplying weapons to Pentagon ; the CIA knowing you better than you know yourself ; and the mass media making you believe in whatever the king wants you to believe in.
How can you as a slave fight against the king?

For a long time it's been a taboo to seek the truth about the Central Bank System that prohibits the government from issuing its own currency and makes the government an eternal debtor of the Central Bank.
Those US presidents, like Lincoln, Garfield, Reagan (attacked but saved his life), and Kennedy, who tried to shift the authority to print its own currency back to the government, were all assassinated.

Why am I talking about this Taboo today?
Because I am very sure that the mainstream strategy to control the US, and moreover the world, has shifted from the Monetary to the Treasury.
From outside the FRB to inside the government's Treasury Ministry.

The current Civil War in the US turns out to be just a Shibai - a play.
Trump and the Deep State are fighting during the day, and at night go to rest in the same bed.
The Deep State will never stop fighting Trump, until Trump achieves his goal.
The fight of Deep State against Trump is a kind of speed controller for the ambitious Trump.

The more I criticize the current central bank system, the better their Shibai works for the shift.

To put the authority to print money and to issue bonds into a single hand is to allow the unlimited government expenditure to turn the current recession into an unlimited treasury bubble.
An excessive expenditure is adjusted by taxation.
Tax is no longer collected for specific purposes, but for absorbing the excessive giveaways.

The US dollar hegemony over global economies, exercised through those international monetary techniques, has been malfunctioning ever since the Nixon Shock of August 1971.

The post-World War II era has ended with the collapse of both : the military and the monetary hegemony of the US over the world.

Trump is not at all creative or aggressive, but he follows the world's trend, like water flowing from higher to lower grounds.

The slogan “America First” reflects a passive approach : looking at what is coming back to the US, like Apple in China coming back to home and but not going out to get them.

Trump's main purpose of the US - China Trade War is to impose tariffs on items exported by the American companies manufacturing in China, to an extent that they cannot make any money and can do nothing but return to the US homeland.
The theory of the World Liberal Order created by CFR has ended.

Currency is the means of exchanging goods and services.
As such, currency is not an asset in itself.
Yet in today's world, “money talks”, and money controls the economy.
One of the reasons for the collapse of modern economy is the excess of fiat money.
Money does not talk much now.
With falling value of the key currency - the US dollar, gold is entering the center stage of the world markets.
We will see the crypt currency pegged to gold as being a pure means used in trading without being controlled by governments.
And we will see if it prevails, coming from Switzerland into the rest of the world.

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