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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
Above is on those facts and my imagination
January 2020
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The statement issued by Iran’s authorities, admitting to unintentional shooting down of Ukrainian airliner (UIA, Flight 572), is in fact Iran’s Declaration of Victory over Trump.

When UIA crashed soon after takeoff, on January 8, 2020, Iran claimed that the cause of the accident was a technical defect in Boeing 737-800G, thus categorically denying Western claims that the UIA was struck by a missile fired by Iran’s Revolution Guard Corp (IRGC). Iran tried to support its version of the events by saying that any plane shot by a missile would explode in the air.

Close analysis of images obtained from US military Surveillance Satellite revealed a fast moving object fired up into the sky with a bright flash, giving credence to the Western version of the events in the eyes of the world.

Three days later came Iran’s U-turn.
President Hassan Rouhani conceded that the country’s Armed Forces’ internal investigations have concluded that, regrettably, a missile fired due to human error caused the horrific crash of UIA and the death of 176 innocent people. Investigations are continuing aimed at identifying the causes and punishing those responsible for this great tragedy and the unforgivable mistake.
Iran has invited the US, Ukraine, Canada and other nations to join the investigating teams.
Examining the scene of the crash, with all the debris scattered around, seems to indicate that the UIA aircraft hit the ground in one piece.

As an Iran’s top official pointed out, the plane has not been blown to pieces up in the sky, because Iran’s missile did not hit it; it missed it!

Prior to January 8, on December 17, 2019, Boeing announced that they were halting the production of Boeing 737 MAX, the model that crashed twice in 2018 and 2019 causing about 400 deaths. The company had officially disclosed the identified technical defects. The Boeing CEO, Mr Denis Muilenburg had resigned.

On January 8, straight after takeoff, the UIA pilot reported to Iran’s Air Control Center that due to some technical problem the aircraft was returning to the airport. This came about very suddenly, so there was not enough time for the Centre to inform the Iran’s missile interception unit about the situation.
On the way back to the airport, the aircraft entered the military sensitive zone putting itself in danger of an attack.

There are two facts politically very fortunate for Iran.
One is that the missiles aimed at the aircraft have missed it, because it was too near.
The second is that there was not a single American citizen amongst the victims, and the Iran’s retaliation attack on the U.S. military bases in Iraq did not kill any American.
Iran’s catastrophic mistakes provided Trump with a nice solid ground to lead western allies at imposing economic sanctions and ignite worldwide condemnation against Iran.
Trump even expressed his support for the thousands of demonstrators in Iran against the government that was killing Iranians.

Three days after the UIA’s crash the Iranian leaders decided to admit their mistake, knowing full well that this was not the case.
They have allowed the US and other nations to freely inspect any debris collected from the site, so the truth may soon emerge.

Boeing belongs to the monopolist capitals of Rockefeller, the so-called Israel Right Wing, who are Trump’s faithful supporters.
Sooner or later, when the true cause of UIA’s crash is unveiled, all hatred and blame for Iran’s U-turn will turn on Boeing and Trump.
That is why the Supreme Leader Khomeini and President Rouhani took 3 days to decide on their U-turn departure from the truth and to confirm the Trump’s and the West’s version.

The statement admitting the mistake is de facto the declaration of Victory over Trump!

Above is on those facts and my imagination.

Samurai Toshio Masuda

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