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"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
Above is on those facts and my imagination
April 2020
( Free of charge to the people I met)
As sayings go:
“There is no virtue that poverty will not destroy”.
“Poverty dulls the conscience”.

Today, as things are not going their way, the Europeans are showing their true colors. The situation in Europe was not looking too good even before Brexit and the coronavirus crisis that have now made the matters so much worse.

Germany was reluctant to help Italy when Italy was badly hit by Covid-19 and asked for coronabonds, for which Germany should have been responsible.
It appears that even Germany, who is believed to be the mightiest amongst the European economies, had no extra economic pie to give away.

So Italy had to accept the generous medical aid from the Communist China.

‘Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions’.

What ‘unprecedented actions’ did the European Union (EU) take to save any of its member countries? Was there any solidarity shown by the EU towards its members?
As the storm hit, all the EU countries promptly closed their borders signaling “My country comes first!” just like Trump proclaims “America first!” -the slogan that was originally so much despised and derided by the Europeans.

The high-minded multilateral solidarity was the bedrock of European unity that all Europeans were so proud of.
Where is it now?
Was it just a dream? An empty promise?

In the face of death one discovers what the true values are:
Poverty dulls the EU!
Poor Europeans have no need for the EU!
Is this too simple and straightforward?

SAMURAI Toshio Masuda
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