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(This issue is submitted to a Washington D.C., Seattle, and Zurich think-tank as the English edition of “Straight from Shoulder”.)

"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
July 13, 2020
( Free of charge to the people I met)

Fall of the Fake and Rise of the Truth

Gold, being Truth, talks while Money (US$), being Fake, lost its power of speech.
Alternatively, you could say ,,being fake has gone dumb.

In July 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, held in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in the US, established the international monetary order known as the Gold Standard System, where the US dollar was positioned as the key international currency, convertible to gold at the rate of $35.00 per ounce. Most of the forty-four countries participating in the conference ratified the agreement, with one exception being the Soviet Union.

Bretton Woods monetary system rested on both: the gold and the US dollar, with the US controlling 2/3 of the world's gold reserves. This state of affairs continued until 15 August 1971, when the US gold reserves dropped from 30,000 tons to 1,833 tons. At that point President Nixon decided to terminate gold parity of the US dollar, thus effectively bringing the Bretton Woods system to an end. The US dollar became a fiat currency, with other fixed currencies such as the British pound sterling becoming free-floating. What has brought about this change was the fact that the US dollar and other currencies tied to gold could no longer keep up with the demand for money, created by their growing economies and the never-ending wars.

The fiat money has been running hand by hand with the growing economies since 1971. Following the Lehman Shock of October 2008 the advanced nations like the US, the European countries and Japan have reached the peak of their economic growth; now there is no hope of their GDPs growing any further.
No growth, no fiat money!

Yet the FRB and other central banks, fearing the collapse of the current fiat monetary system, are trying to create fake growth by way of generating fake demand.

In my SAMURA Seminars conducted in Europe during 2019 I said:
“In March next year-he 2020 - Drunken American (symbolizing the US economy) will get bucket of ice-cold water poured over his head, become confined to jail and end up totally detached from the society" This fateful date-March 2020-as arrived with the bucket of cold water carried in by the Novel Corona Virus.

After NY Dow had reached $29,530 in February 2020, the highest ever price in its entire history, in March it crushed by 30%, knocked down from its lofty heights by the Coronavirus.

As the virus is a man-made, artificial pathogen, there must have been some purpose to all that. The FRB and other central banks have been making all possible efforts to maintain the current monetary system of fiat money, while the new arrival-the coronavirus-keeps crushing it.

Are we seeing the New Gold Standard System rising above the horizon?


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