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(This issue is submitted to a Washington D.C., Seattle, and Zurich think-tank as the English edition of “Straight from Shoulder”.)

"Straight from the shoulder " by Toshio Masuda-Samurai Lecturer
February, 2021
( Free of charge to the people I met)
With no democracy there will be no more America!

America, yesterday indispensable to the world affairs, today became purely irrelevant.

Democracy that yesterday lent America its world hegemony, today - in its twisted form - deprives America of it.

America’s military bases that were once loved and welcomed by their lost nations are now being resented by those they are supposed to defend themselves.

The US dollar that propped up the world economies has became a nuisance.

The glory of America was built on Democracy and on strength of the US dollar.

Biden won the US presidency on a rigged election.
He proclaimed Democracy and the Unity of America.
But who believes Biden - the product of injustice?

America can cope with the challenges presented by China only with the backing of all the US allies. Yet all America’s allies conduct business with China and for some it is on a larger scale than their business with America.

Who would dare to scarify their economic interests for the sake of America?
So far America, the world prime faker or you could use the stronger word “fraudster” still dominates the world.

Stock markets are typical example of this American sham.
I predict the peak of the faked markets to occur before October this year, when the candle will send its last sparks a moment before dying.

At this final flash the NY Dow will hit $40,000 and Nikkei 38,000 Yen, before they both fall into hell.


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